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Seasons of Strength

Fitness solutions for mothers

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Moms Need Strength

Growing and raising children presents physical changes and demands on a mother's body. From combating the postural changes of pregnancy, to restoring function and strength of the core after birth, to having the capability to keep up with young children and engage in activities with confidence- moms need strength in order to feel and function their best.

My passion is to help mothers build the strength they need so that they can live abundantly.


Client Reviews

"Tatum is the best! She provides laser focused exercise plans and breaks down exercises in a way that helps you activate muscles that haven’t fired in awhile. I have always worked out and maintained a healthy lifestyle, but after 3 kids, there were certain muscles and movements that I had started using maladaptively after my first kid. She helped me identify that and correct it. The amount of knowledge I gained and the tangible results seen from your pre and post assessment is amazing."

-Betty M. (Mom of 3)

"Tatum is fabulous! I have worked with several trainers over the years. I have none that are so detailed oriented, professional and knowledgeable. As a mom of three, I had not felt strong in a long time. I have been working with Tatum since August and can now do things I had not been able to do in years. I am running again, my energy level has improved and most importantly I feel strong again!
She is so gracious and understanding. I am a business owner, very involved in church and run my kiddos around. I have had to cancel due to sick kids, do virtual appointments etc. She has done nothing, except continue to encourage me and remind me of what I am doing to help myself. I have referred patients to her and friends. I cannot recommend her enough! If you’re considering making a change and want to feel strong again, she is the real deal!"

-Kara P. (Mom of 3)

"Never thought I could find a trainer like Tatum! Her level of knowledge, particularly regarding women and postpartum is unmatched! Workouts are always productive and leave me feeling energized and excited to move my body. Tatum celebrates victories with genuine enthusiasm and when I fall short of a goal she helps by troubleshooting issues and preparing me to try again rather than letting me wallow. If you’re looking for a trainer that is thorough, fun and compassionate, Tatum is the one!!"

-Julia M. (Mom of 2)

  • Personal Training for Pregnant and Postpartum Women

    $100-$120 per week
  • Virtual Training for Pregnant & Postpartum Women

    $70-$90 per week
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